Roselli The Little Chef’s Cleaver (13cm)


Narrowing Tang /double scandi bevel / curly birch handle

A handy, universal kitchen cleaver. The extra weight makes it ideal for heavy work with chopping vegetables, cutting meat and it also has the ability to go through small bones and then finish chopping herbs, garlic. For some this is the ultimate one stop chopping tool. Given its small size it offers  excellent control combined with real power. Forged from Roselli carbon steel with curly birch handle.

Steel: Roselli Carbon steel
Hardness: 60 HRc
Blade length: 135 mm
Total length: 250 mm
Blade thickness: 3 mm
Weight: 180 g
Handle: Curly birch
Weight with Block: 390 g


Lifetime Warranty
Roselli manufactures what we believe are some of the best knives on the planet. Each product we make is built with the purpose of lasting a lifetime. Making it the only knife or ax you’ll ever need to own. That’s why your Roselli is covered by a lifetime warranty. The blade, tip and edge are parts of a knife which normally are exposed to wear and tear, these parts are not covered by our lifetime warranty unless it’s obvious that the damage is a result of a defect in material or manufacturing. We will repair or replace any knife or ax that we find defective. The warranty excludes damage caused by misuse, accident, self-repair, tampering or dismantling.