Karl Gude Pairing Knife (10cm)


This 1905 paring knife offers a different interpretation of the typical German paring knife. Mostly a larger handle with a classic German style paring knife blade which results in total control of the blade when working in your hand. Also a great single person steak knife.

Paring knife / FULL TANG
Steel: chrome-vanadium-molybdenum stainless steel
Blade length: 105 mm
Blade depth: 60mm
Total length: 210 mm
Blade thickness: 2mm to .75mm
Blade Type: double bevel
Weight: 85g
Handle: Plum wood


Like all knives in the h&k collection of makers the Gude Chef’s knife is a unique contribution to the history of culinary knives. Karl Gude chose not to follow the guild’s reasoning that all German makers should make the same style of Chef’s knife. Rather he chose to create a hybrid blade design to improve the versatility of the standard German chef’s knife template. He did this by reducing the blade depth of the typical German chef’s knife but not its heft or its handle. Then he extended the sharp edge surface contact to twice the typical German culinary knife. These changes created a blade which introduced more blade control and better cutting accuracy along with the typical power capacity of the standard German culinary chef’s knife.

The Karl Gude collection is a recreation of the original design that Karl Gude first sold made with stainless steel (the originals were made with carbon staining steel) but with the same kind of wood he used for the original knife.