K-200 Slicing Knife 7.5” (18 cm)


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K Sabatier’s 7.5-inch Slicing Knife is perfect for fine-tuning both raw and cooked foods in the kitchen, at the table or from the grill.

In North America, the 7.5-inch slicing knife is mainly seen as a tool for portioning and inspired the design of Japanese Petty knives. In Europe, this blade is treasured for its accuracy and its versatility.  

The depth of the blade, paired with Philippe Sabatier’s edge design, is perfect for detailed portioning and handling small meats, fish, and poultry. Making it the perfect backup for the Chef’s knife in the home and professional environment.

Best used for

  • Making long, even slices
  • Slicing meat and vegetables: soft, dense or hard
  • Carving poultry for clean cuts
  • Great as a portioning tool to divide dishes


The perfect cutting profile: French edge with its extended surface edge contact of the blade’s length before rising up to its point

Unmatched Precision: Its high-performance stock removal construction ensures a pedigree of excellence, making it a powerful tool for all culinary disciplines able to address ranges of fine to dense materials many other knives require multiple blades for.

G10 Handle: It’s made from layers of fibreglass cloth and epoxy resin, compressed and heated under high pressure. The result is a strong, lightweight handle providing excellent grip and resistance to moisture, making it the top choice for long-lasting knives.

Craftsmanship Reshaped: The K Sabatier 200 collection is the first new knife collection from the family (Philippe Sabatier) in 200 years. Acknowledging the importance and value of the Stock Removal method of knife making and its role in contemporary knife making and culinary service.

Powerful Stainless Steel Blade: The blade is crafted from Sandvik 14C28 stainless steel with a hardness rating of 60 HRc as a result of cryogenic tempering (in liquid nitrogen at -70° -80° and then air cooled). This increases edge retention, resulting in an extra fine double bevel profile, which is then finished by a crosswise manual polishing.

Long-Lasting Edge: Once steel reaches 60HRc, you should never hone the edge. The best activity between sharpenings is to strop your knife whenever you feel the need to. When it is time to sharpen the knife, you must use a 20-degree sharpening angle, which removes only half the amount of steel compared to the 15-degree angle common to Japanese knives, prolonging the knife’s lifespan.

French Leather Scabbard: This blade also comes with its own handmade French Leather sheath, combining protection and durable elegance in one.

Knife Sharpening: We offer a complimentary knife sharpening service for all knives purchased from hacher&krain.


Knife Maker: K-Sabatier
Collection: 200 Series 8 Generations.
60 HRc
Blade Length: 
7.5 in (18 cm)
Blade Depth: 
.98 in (2.5 cm)
Total Length: 11.75 in (29.5 cm)
Weight: 124g +/- 5g
Scabbard: Vegetable-dyed Leather
Total Weight with Scabbard: 
Handle: G-10 resin
3 Stainless Steel
Tang: Full
Washing Machine: Never recommended


Out of stock