K-200 Paring Knife 4” (10cm)


A new approach to the traditional French paring knife design

Full Tang Sandvik STAINLESS STEEL / 67gms +/- 4gms

A new approach to the traditional Sabatier Paring knife. Its new design begins by extending the length of both the handle and the blade. By reducing the blade’s depth while keeping the traditional shaped sharpened edge. These physical design adjustments combined with thinner blade mass allow for a broader range of use in the hand or at the board. Peeling, fine slicing or very focused cuts shaped or straight all become a new experience of control with fine-tuned results.

Each hand-made knife is presented with its own French Leather Scabbard, the steel’s hardness of 60+ HRC means you should never hone this blade, the only service in between sharpening is to strop the blade from time to time. With a sharpened angle of 20 degrees steel removal is reduced to half the amount removed when a blade is sharpened at a 15 degree angle. Rapid reduction of a blade’s original depth does not increase the knife’s performance; it reduces the knife’s life.