K-200 Fillet Knife 7” (17cm)


Re-defining blade flexibility

Sandvik STAINLESS STEEL / 114gms +/- 4gms

This knife sets a new standard in blade flexibility. With a significantly reduced blade mass it is possible to bend the blade more than the average fillet knife. Different from the brittle steel formulas of Japan, its flexibility allows for the French approach to filleting to be addressed anew. The combination of thinness of blade and the ability to apply pressure through the very least disturbance of delicate materials and the finest control of what is being prepared or cut.

Each hand-made knife is presented with its own French Leather Scabbard, the steel’s hardness of 60+ HRC means you should never hone this blade, the only service in between sharpening is to strop the blade from time to time. With a sharpened angle of 20 degrees steel removal is reduced to half the amount removed when a blade is sharpened at a 15 degree angle. Rapid reduction of a blade’s original depth does not increase the knife’s performance; it reduces the knife’s life.