K-200 Chef’s Knife 7.5” (19cm)


The deftness of a scalpel while still being a wrench

Sandvik STAINLESS STEEL / 157gms +/- 6gms

The 200 series 7.5” Chef’s knife refines knife comfort. The sharpened edge shape of this knife matches the original shape created by Philippe Sabatier in the 19th century. It is delivered by a blade profile with significant weight reduction and mass, driven by a new handle design that resets the wrist position from the hammer-forged edition.

This Chef’s knife allows you to walk into the kitchen, pick it up and deal with the demands of the contemporary kitchen where length of blade is not a better option. Its lightness translates into a blade that refines control in the preparation of any cuisine. This game changer design with the original Sabatier sharpened edge is informed by 200 years of experience delivering French cuisine and directly challenges all the stainless steel tension based knives made in Japan in material performance and price. The result is a handmade blade that is extremely light and able to meet the goals of your culinary journey at home or on the line.

Each hand-made knife is presented with its own French Leather Scabbard, the steel’s hardness of 60+HRC means you should never hone this blade, the only service in between sharpening is to strop the blade from time to time. With a sharpened angle of 20 degrees steel removal is reduced to half the amount removed when a blade is sharpened at a 15 degree angle. Rapid reduction of a blade’s original depth does not increase the knife’s performance; it reduces the knife’s life.