K-200 Chef’s Knife 10” (25cm)


In your hand throughout your day’s work

Full Tang Sandvik STAINLESS STEEL / 184gms +/- 6gms

The 200 series 10” Chef’s knife redefines the large culinary knife. The cutting edge is classic Sabatier with a blade whose thickness has been significantly reduced while its cryogenically altered metallurgical structure offers a flexibility not found in many of its fancy foreign copies (Gyuto).

One can never forget that this cutting edge has delivered the demands of French cuisine for 200 years. The length of the knife allows a longer single movement, increasing efficiency and speed of preparation whenever cutting, mincing, or chopping any materials. Which is to say that the knife knows its way around the largest variety of raw materials of a cuisine with the most demanding specifications of preparation. It is these rigors, and two centuries that have proven the value of its design and are imbedded in this new blade.

With the 200 collection, professionals can start and finish the day without having to change their knife. While for the home, the reduced blade mass and lightness makes working with a large knife more enjoyable. For those who find longer, larger knives cumbersome or too aggressive, this knife changes it all, offering a control and ease of maneuver not usual for this size of blade.

The 200 series is a challenge to all stock removal knives, especially those made with the low yield metallurgical characteristics of Japanese stainless steels (that nick and chip) and the standard range of limitations applicable to all carbon steels.

Each hand-made knife is presented with its own French Leather Scabbard, the steel’s hardness of 60+HRC mens you should never hone this blade, the only service in between sharpening is to strop the blade from time to time. With a sharpened angle of 20 degrees steel removal is reduced to half the amount removed when a blade is sharpened at a 15 degree angle. Rapid reduction of a blade’s original depth does not increase the knife’s performance; it reduces the knife’s life.