K-1834 Paring Knife 4” (10cm)


For the hand for all fine and focused work

Full Tang / Sandvik STAINLESS STEEL / 70gms +/- 5gms

The Paring knife is a knife for your hand, to cut out blemishes, tops and spots or for peeling skins from vegetables, finely cutting spices and for fruits this is the tool of the hand. This award winning, handmade, stainless steel 4” Paring knife’s blade is a scaled down version of the 10” chef’s knife giving depth of blade towards the bolster and smart upwards curve to its point allowing for accurate control for all fine work. This paring knife is the inspiration of the Japanese small petty knife.

This award winning, handmade, powerful stainless steel blade is 57/58 HRC and with proper honing in-between sharpening (of 20 degrees) this blade can offer you years of controlled value in your culinary journey. Each blade is presented with its own handmade French Leather Scabbard. With a sharpening angle of 20 degrees it removes half the amount of steel removed when sharpening at 15 degrees common to the Japanese knife.