K-1834 Honing Rod 8” (20cm)


Keeping things in proper nick

Sandvik STAINLESS STEEL / 244gms +/- 8gms  / 62 RHc

The Honing rod of the 1834 collection is made of the same steel as the knives but with a chromium coating. The Honing Rod realigns the edge of a knife to its optimal performance without removing any steel. The act of alignment is often interpreted as sharpening because of the improved performance of the blade after use.

Hammered forged knives below the HRC of 58/59 are designed to give slightly during use rather than break when used on different materials of different densities and surfaces. Rods made of different ceramic compounds, or steel rods with diamond chips are given the incorrect name of Honing steels which they are not. They are sharpening tools, because they are designed to remove steel not align it.

Honing has become knife theater, a flashy splashing expression of what is inferred as skill. This is not necessary. In fact the best practice of honing can be accomplished by putting the honing rod on a flat surface and the knife that needs to be honed at right angle pulling away from the sharp edge towards the spine (not the spine towards the sharp edge) at 20 degrees then turning the knife over and repeating the motion. It is NOT NECESSARY TO APPLY SIGNIFICANT PRESSURE WHATSOEVER when honing. So what, you have to spend 30 seconds more to treat your knife and the edge it already has, properly. Being gentle has a much better result for this service and caring of your knives and aids in the extending of the knife’s life.

Each rod is presented in its own handmade French Leather Scabbard.