K-1834 Honing Rod 8” (20cm)


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Keeping things in proper nick with an 8″ honing rod

The K-Sabatier 1834 Authentique 8” honing rod is made of the same steel as the Sabatier knives but with a chromium coating.

The honing rod realigns a knife’s edge to its optimal performance without removing any steel. The act of alignment is often interpreted as sharpening because of the improved performance of the blade after use.


Features & Benefits

Designed for Durability: The hammered forged honing rod, with an impressive HRC of 62, offers slight flexibility during use, ensuring it can handle different materials of varying densities and surfaces without breaking.

True Honing Purpose: Unlike other tools with ceramic compounds or diamond chips that remove steel, this honing rod is specifically designed to realign the blade’s edge, maintaining its sharpness by extending the time in between sharpening sessions.

Extend Knife Lifespan: With regular and gentle honing, you can extend the life of your knives, avoiding the need for frequent sharpening and preserving their sharpness for longer.

Efficient Knife Care: Embrace the best practice of honing, spending just 30 seconds to treat your knife and maintain its edge properly. This honing rod makes knife care quick and hassle-free.

Quality Craftsmanship: Each honing rod has its own handmade French Leather Scabbard, adding sophistication to your kitchen and safeguarding your honing tool.


How to Use

Honing has become knife theatre, a flashy splashing expression of what is inferred as skill. This is not necessary.

In fact, honing best practice can be accomplished by placing the honing rod on a flat surface, positioning the knife at a right angle, and gently pulling it away from the sharp edge towards the spine (not the spine towards the sharp edge) at 20 degrees. Repeat the motion on the other side. DO NOT APPLY SIGNIFICANT PRESSURE WHEN HONING.



Knife Maker: K Sabatier
Collection: Authentique 1834 Ltd.
Steel: STAINLESS STEEL with a chromium coating
Hardness: 62 HRC
Length: 8 in (20 cm)
Weight: 244g +/- 8g
Handle: POM (Polyoxymethylene)
Washing Machine: Not recommended


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