K-1834 Bayonet Fork 6.5” Tines (16cm)


Securing what has been prepared

Full Tang / Sandvik STAINLESS STEEL / 165gsm +/- 12gms

Philippe Sabatier did not design this two-tined bayonet. The Bayonet Fork was first used in Europe at the beginning of the 6th century. The two-tined fork in fact was for many centuries frowned on at the table while the knife and spoon carried more divine values the fork was considered an affectation. George Washington was criticized because of his personal use of the fork.

Whenever you need to cut, slice or portion evenly any cooked meat or fowl, at the table, grill or BBQ, when you need to make long even slices stability cannot be achieved with 3” tines of a traditional curved carving fork. With the bayonet’s length you can hold what you are cutting and stabilize the surface or use the length of the tines to create a stable area to slice from.
Each bayonet is presented with its own handmade French Leather Scabbard. Made with finished steel of 57/58 HRC the Bayonet does not require frequent pointing (sharpening) some professional uses may reduce the average time in between repointing, but when done no more than 3 mm should be removed.