K-1834 Fillet Knife 8” (20cm)


Perfection for seafood

Sandvik STAINLESS STEEL / 96gms +/- 4gms

The 8” Filleting knife is the purposeful refinement of its slicer brother. Hammered very thin, this filleting blade becomes very flexible without changing its original slicer profile. French filleting knives were the first to incorporate blade flexibility for the preparation or presentation of fish in their raw or cooked states. A narrow and flexible blade reduces the disturbance of what is being cut. For portioning, skin removal or separation from bone and spine the spring of the blade addresses these needs at home or on the line.

This award winning, handmade, stainless steel blade is 57/58 HRC and with proper honing in-between sharpening (of 20 degrees) this blade can offer you years of controlled value in your culinary journey. Each blade is presented with its own handmade French Leather Scabbard. With a sharpening angle of 20 degrees it removes half the amount of steel removed when sharpening at 15 degrees common to the Japanese knife.