The K-200 Stock Removal Collection

“8 generations of culinary leadership and global inspiration”

K-Sabatier is acknowledged in France as a Living Heritage Company

The 200 collection has been created by the descendants of Philippe Sabatier and is the first reimagining of his original designs in 200 years. Handmade using the contemporary knife making method of “stock removal” (like the majority of all Japanese named culinary knives).

An innovative and challenging collection of compression (push cutting) blades able to process the materials of the kitchens of North America and Europe. Each knife has a reduced weight and blade thickness with a new minimalist handle made of G-10.

For this new edition of the original the edge retention has been enhanced by increasing its hardness to RHc 60. These blades are made from a high performance nitrogenous stainless steel (also used to make straight razors) to deliver the new version of his originals. The blades start thin and stay thin.

There is no need to hone these blades. Stropping them in between sharpening is all you need to do. Like their hammer forged brothers the 200’s are made by the same French craftsmen who are all of the terroir of France.

Different from the knife maker’s, the retailers of Japanese knives have been the most vocal critics of Philippe’s work and the most disrespectful of the tradition they have built their businesses from (Gyuto and Petty). Different from all the Japanese “pull cutting knives” these are compression “push cutting stainless steel knives”. Making chicken soup with these knives is neither a problem nor a concern.

The 200 stock removal collection challenges those who have used Philippe Sabatier’s designs as their templates while denying his influence, his inspiration and by some even his existence.