Franz Gude’s Masterpiece

Original and inclusive approach

hacher&krain could not present a global collection of culinary knives and not include a perspective on the German knife community. The original ideas for Karl Gude’s chef and paring knife contrast the similarity of all other German houses designs. His original and inclusive approach spoke against the German Guild’s influence on all aspects of knife making. It was Karl Gude who over 110 years ago could see that creating a knife which was a combination of his nations tradition and the tradition of France could offer something truly unique and of enduring value to the culinary world and why his ideas have endured.

The original thinking of Karl Gude clearly inspired his son Franz. The importance of Franz Gude’s original and unique scalloped shaped grinding stone created what we now refer to as the bread knife.  With the originality of the hybred chef’s knife of the father and the game changing design of the son and his bread knife this family can claim its position as true culinary contributors.