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Knives are the oldest tool in the human journey

Knives evolution
Knives Evolution


For over a million years, stone was used to create our first knives. This example is only 75,000 years old.

Knives evolution arrow
Knives evolution
Knives Evolution


This Roselli Wootz Steel knife design has been used in European kitchens since the 8th century.

Knives evolution arrow
Knives evolution
Knives Evolution


The only knife shop in Toronto selling K Sabatier’s knives which have been delivering French cuisine for 200 years and are the template for the Gyuto and Petty family of knives.

hacher&krain is not like any other knife store in Toronto

It began with the need to understand knives, the oldest tool in the human journey, through their relationship with food and to separate facts from marketing hype.

Only knife makers who have been and continue to be significant contributors to the culinary cutlery arts will be presented for your review and consideration.

There are many knife makers but only a few contribute to advancing the culinary knife industry

philippe sabatier

K-Sabatier (France)

Heimo Roselli finnish knife maker

Roselli (Finland)

Gude team

Gude (Germany)

Philippe Sabatier K 200 Collection

Sabatier Chef's Knife 10 inch

The only knife shop in Toronto selling Philippe Sabatier’s knives registered in 1810 originating the French culinary knife design whose influence is global, its ability unmatched in price and performance.

Care for the knives that care for you

We provide complimentary knife sharpening service at our shop for all knives purchased from hacher&krain.
We will also sharpen your straight-edged knives not purchased from hacher&krain.

We do not charge for this service.

Instead, we collect donations in the name of a young person who lost their battle to pediatric cancer and donate the funds raised in her name to (The Pediatric Oncology Group of Ontario).

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