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The part played by a person or thing in bringing about a result or helping something to advance (Oxford Dictionary)

Knives are the oldest tool in the human journey.

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A Mode1 tool Paleolithic Period, an early example of making something sharp 75,000+ years old, retrieved in the 1970ʼs from the Kent Coast UK

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Pre-dating Homo sapiens, edged tools have always been used in the act of nurture and nourish and after 1.6 million years it still remains their primary use.

hacher&krain began with the need to better understand the oldest tool in the human journey and its working relationship to food. It evolved into a business and now we have built our website to present for sale, makers who are true contributors to these traditions rather than very skilled in the craft of making knives. Only those makers who have been and or continue to be important contributors to the culinary cutlery arts will be presented for your review and consideration. In addition we will continue to add information to the site in an attempt to offer an alternate view to the imaginings regarding culinary tools, history, ethos, origins and what are offered as facts. So check back when you can.


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try sharpening your Japanese knives with a 20˙ angle you will not reduce the ability of the knife but you will remove far less steel therefore extending the life of your knife.



A Chef’s knife is a Chef’s knife because of its ability to respond with YES CHEF to the demands made of it. If it can’t it is not a Chef’s knife. That does not mean it is not a valuable knife its just not a Chef’e knife.



Japanese knives chip. This is a well known fact. Yes there are solutions. My question is “WHERE IS THE CHIP?”.


You Could

Curate your own knife collection making each knife more useful in your culinary journey than purchasing a set of knives.

About the Website

As we enter the world of digital retailing we did not want to just “turn ourselves on” rather we have chosen to announce and add maker by maker those we have chosen to present. We hope this will allow each new “Contributor” a chance to settle in and for us to learn what we have missed through your feedback and adjust before we bring the next “contributor” to this digital stage.

We look forward to learning how to apply our goals knowing we have to learn how to do this within this medium. So in advance we wish to thank all who take the time to review and comment to help teach us how to achieve our goals for you. Please free to email us with any comments or suggestions. Thank you.